Our Data Protection Helpline Services can stop you making costly mistakes when processing personal information. Contact our helpline and you’ll receive quick and accurate solutions for day to day compliance issues. We can also perform high level privacy impact assessments for new products, services and contractual arrangements.

With us as your privacy partners you can protect your organisation and get clear and straightforward answers to key data privacy questions. The Helpline offers:

  • answers on a wide range of topics, including EU Data Protection Regulations, protecting privacy when releasing information under the Freedom of information Act and others - we aim to respond to your requests within 48 hours.
  • an extensive database of knowledge on data protection privacy and compliance issues.The Helpline puts you in touch with experienced specialised consultants (all ISEB and CIPP qualified) with extensive resources available to answer your most difficult questions including questions about global and sector specific laws.

Responses to questions will include an explanation of the answer to the question, along with a citation to the regulation/act/regulatory requirement and the applicable regulatory language when appropriate.

Annual Subscription Fee: £495

Do you require more intensive support with developing policies, procedures, responding to incidents or managing day to day compliance in-house? Ask about our Helpline plus+ service. Affordable consultancy support packages from £4500 a year.

The Compliance Helpline is not intended to provide legal advice, legal opinions or professional services of any kind. Neither Privacy Partnership nor Gazey and Partners LLP makes any warranty, express or implied, as to accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of information contained in any written Helpline Response Service communications, which are provided “as is” without warranty as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or use, or results. Does not cover review of advertising material.

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Smart Privacy GDPR Training 2017

Smart Privacy GDPR Training 2017

Our Clients Include

  • Banking
  • Central government
  • Charities
  • Cybersecurity and defence
  • E-commerce
  • Human Rights Organisations
  • Insurance
  • Law firms
  • Local government
  • Oil companies
  • Retail
  • Standards bodies
  • Technology companies
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Transport
  • Utilities